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Hey you~! It’s me- E. Thank you for visiting me! Here’s the scoop. Are you a GIRLBOSS, a BOSSBABE or a PASSIONISTA?!

Do you want to join me on the journey of my inspirational dream-pursuit, to get closer to your own? Do you want to turn your Day-Job into your Dream-Job? Or your Day-Dream into Reality?

I did. And let me tell you, there’s NOTHING SWEETER! If you have an inkling for “more,” if you’re constantly feeling called to create something amazing and want to have a lot of “fun” and “Good JU JU” together, can we puh leeze be friends immediately.

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Erika is a blessing- Inspirational, ambitious and creative! I have completely turned my dreams into a real, tangible brand in media, fashion and entertainment! I finally have the courage and alignment to pursue what I love openly and for the rest of my life like a BOSS!

Yasmin Santana

As a media personality, I got access to the best mastermind and community of game-changers. I had break throughs in goals, business and the most important- MINDSET! All of my friends say I'm a different person, now I'm living unreasonably. That is, unreasonable to the average person's standards in my career and life now. Thank you for inspiring us all Erika De la Cruz.

Clare McKee

I'm SO excited to be working with Erika in the GIRLBOSS MOVEMENT on mastering my spotlight! I have made so many connections and progress in the program, with her taking the lead! Not only am I blessed to be a member, but I’ve also gotten interviews and other speaking engagements because of my involvement through Erika’s support and recommendation.

Rachel S. Lee
Passionistas Book

Passionistas Book

#1 Amazon Best Seller

This book is not just a compilation of feel good, life has always been great, here is my best day on social media stories. No, what you are about to read are some very gritty, from the heart, often born out of adversity, stories that promise to inspire and make you better!

Everyone involved has put a lot of work and energy into making sure this book and the lessons inside it will make a positive difference and a ripple in the world. We are honoured that you are taking the time to read and helping start that ripple.

See where your heart takes you. See if you see yourself in the women sharing their struggles, their victories, their lessons. You will be moved! You will be lifted up! You will be inspired!

Buy the book from Amazon!

Erika's Show Reel

Erika's Reel

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